OEM wrapboxes for wireless products


Matrix UAB would like to introduce you to our new OEM INDOOR / OUTDOOR WRAPBOXES for your Routerboard’s / CPE’s. These are the best Boxes in the industry available for rugged use.

OEM wrapboxes outdoor Models


WRAP Box 4A2E  (4 Antenna , 2 Ethernet)
WRAP Box 2A1E  (2 Antenna , 1 Ethernet)
Designed to withstand the toughest environments, the WRAP-BOX outdoor enclosure is a small, light, yet very solid wireless outdoor enclosure. The WRAP-BOX is rated NEMA-67 providing complete protection against ingress of dust (6) as well as protection against immersion in water (7).
This is the bare bones box option.

Contents include:
·                                 Die cast aluminum box
·                                 Four openings for pigtails/antennas
·                                 TWO Waterproof, quick disconnect RJ-45 connector jack assemblies
·                                 TWO Waterproof ethernet pigtail - RJ45 jack to RJ45 female plugs
·                                 Three point silicone-rubber gasket
·                                 Pole-top mounting option
·                                 Indentation for OEM labeling
Note: you will need to add a watertight/waterproof N bulkhead pigtails to this box to completely seal it up. You can purchase these  or you can purchase an EBB kit (Everything But Boards) with antennas and pigtails  or a full system kit  In other words...

·                                 Gasketed N style pigtails
·                                 Antennas
·                                 Power adapter
·                                 POE

Product Description:
The second RJ-45 connector (available only on this 4A2E model) can be used as optional ethernet or console port.
Thermal Characteristics
- Enclosure Seal Operating temperature -60C to 230C
- Heat Trap: +6.5 Celsius under full sun (~100,000 Lux)
- Temperature raise using a 5-10Watt heat source (WRAP + radio board): +5.5 Celsius
Mechanical Characteristics
- Inside measurements: 180x125mm x 46mm
- Wall thickness: 3mm
- Supports masts up to 3" diameter
Board Support
- Native support for WRAP.2x boards
- Native support for nano-ITX boards
- Other board types may require mounting plate
OEM wrapboxes indoor Models

This is the improved black case for the Router boards (3 LAN) with two SMA sized antenna holes.

Order this case if you plan on adding antennas to your system.
·                                 Designed for indoor use
·                                 3 ethernet model
·                                 Anodized aluminum
·                                 3 LED lights, reset button
·                                 Ethernet (3), power and console
·                                 NO USB cutout
·                                 Two SMA sized antenna cutouts
·                                 160x160x25mm
·                                 Made in the USA

Package Includes:
·                                 4 screws to mount system board
·                                 4 screws to close enclosure
·                                 4 self-adhesive feet

Assembly notes:
Tools needed: Phillips screw driver, 5 mm or 3/16" nut driver. Remove hex nuts from DB9 connector of noard. Install CF card. Hold board with the DB9 connector facing up (so the shell doesn't fall off), then slide the enclosure base over it at a slight angle. Tilt the board into place and insert all screws and hex nuts. Tip for replacing self-cutting and plastic screws: To find the start of the existing thread, turn screw counterclockwise first until you feel the start.

Revised: July 14, 2008, Copyright MATRIX, UAB