CREDITINFO LIETUVA in 2014 year afforded MATRIX UAB certificate as financially strong company in Lithuania

MATRIX, UAB (UAB stands for Private Limited Liability Company) flag-ltu.gif  flag-poland.gif
Vytenio street 10, LT-03112 Vilnius, Lithuania - the main office and service, IT projects, computers sales and service, data recovery lab  


Company Matrix UAB is in business since year 2000 and all this time keeps fair paymens to its suppliers and partners. So Creditinfo Lietuva UAB afforded certificate (see below).  Only  3% of all Lithuanian companies has such financial stability rating.

Company Matrix UAB  is financially stable and fits the following checking requirements :
-  up to date (30-03-2015) has no debts that are registered in the credit system; 
-  probability to delay payments more than 90 days is no more than 17 percent; 
-  in 2013 year turnover was more tham 100000 LTL (about 30000 EUR);
-  age of company is more than 2 years;
-  there are more than 1 worker in the company; 
-  ratio of property and assets is positive.

Other Lithuanian companies that works according these honest standards and pay the bills are shown in website  creditinfo.lt.  




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