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NETWORKING products:
- networking products, network security real time ASIC-based products (Fortinet, Phion, Planet, Edge-core/SMC), HP Procurve network products; we carry wholesale for Planet products, TP-Link, ICS cables; Axxcelera Broadband Wireless
- enterprise class network firewalls/vpn, traffic management, office branch connection with PHION;
- high speed networking switches of Extreme Networks, which are better than Cisco in L2/L3 switching, we are direct partner in Lithuania; 
- we are direct partner in Lithuania for Axis IP security systems and IP cameras, and have technical certification of Axis for complex video/audio surveillance projects;
- we are registered CISCO partner, ALLIED-TELESYN (Allied Telesis now), D-LINK official partner;
- Synology NAS, network storage and file sharing, integrated mail/file/ftp/backup/print servers;
- we are official dealer for Astaro, Sophos, Cyberoam, Phion-Barracuda, Fortinet, Cisco, Netgearfirewalls and UTM products ;

- we specialize in wireless networking products, and keep stock of Straightcore, we are distributor in Lithuania for EnGenius long range wireless products, Colubris networks, Proxim;
- for security systems we offer as direct partner Phion (best for VPN, branches, managed services, etc.), and GFI softwarePineApp for antispam, and mail security;
- we import directly and supply to local WISP (wireless internet providers)   UBIQUITI networksStraightcore MikroTik , Solectek, Tranzeo Networks, Hyperlink Technologies, Shireen Inc, Alfa Networks, AvaLAN WirelessProxim, Zyxel Wimax wireless products;  
- OEM indoor and outdoor wrapboxes ;
- we are distributor in Lithuania of MARS-antennas (Israel company), SMARTEQ (Sweden) antennas, and supply other brands of antennas, compatible with wimax networks;
- we supply Wimax products (Alvarion, Axxcelera Broadband Wireless, Proxim wimax, E.T. Industries, and other makers) and many types of antennas, for our customers we help to design complete wimax network solution, and integrate it into existing network, mix wi-fi and wimax environments;  
- products for mobile operators (3G UMTS/CDMA2000, etc) - Airvana
- we are direct channel partner for eSoft network security products;  
- we are direct partner of  LOHUIS wireless networks products (P2P, P2MP backhauling);
- all brands of mobile cell phones .

- we are direct dealer for Lithuania for Selfprotec UPS, voltage stabilizer products and keep local stock ;
- we are official dealer for General Electric (GE), Victron energy electric, solar products , Borri UPS, Aston energy, Salicru, VARAT UPS products;
- we sell APC, MGE, VISION, Microdowell (Italian company), Artronic professional, industrial grade UPS'es;
- RITTAL, CONTEG, ZPAS passive equipment for networking and telecommunications industry; 
- rack servers 1U for internet providers (like hosting and data warehousing);

AUDIO-VIDEO systems and products:
- we are direct partner for German based video surveillance and video data storage company Winnov;
- direct partner for video editing products and solutions (Matrox, BlackMagicDesign, AVID, Pinnacle Systems, Grass-Valley,  Canopus, VBrick, Ulead systems;
- Kaonmedia, TechniSAT mpeg4 h.264 dvb-t digital television receivers/STB, set top boxes);
- information self-service internet terminals (kiosks) for banking self service (RITTAL based solution);
- SAMSUNG products (televisions, tv sets, laptops, notebooks); 

LARGE format scanners, printers, plotters :
- we are official dealer for Graphtec  wide scanners, plotters ;

RETAIL products
- we are exclusive distributor for Lithuania of SWEEX products ;
- we are official dealer for hifi ARCAM , Triangle speaker, Velodyne subwoofer,  Sonos wireless hifi, HDI Dune, Popcornhour, products ;
-  mobile phone trade in Europe,  import - export .

SOFTWARE products:
- AVG antivirus software - we are direct AVG Gold level reseller; new features of new AVG version 8;
- Official dealer of AVAST! antivirus solutions (maker is ALWIL Software AS);  
- official dealer for GFI security software products ;
- enterprise software products and solutions, RedHat software ;
-  Official dealer of FileStream software products;
- other antivirus and antimalware, antispyware products (see http://www.best-antivirus.com) ;
- BC+ complete small business accounting, financial and management system (made in Lithuania);

- measuring equipment (new and refurbished from Russia), like oscillographs, etc.
- gsm reloader for internet providers;
- and many other products, for IT systems integration and management.

If you have any project, or want to buy products, please write to sales@matrix.lt, and our team will free of charge help you.  

If you have some stock to sell offer to email supply@matrix.lt


Our eshop is http://www.deze.lt , or http://www.mazakaina.lt (prices in LTL and EUR  with VAT 21% included).   
If you have stock and want to sell your products to us , write to supply@matrix.lt .

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