2009-09-01 Matrix UAB has signed contract with 4G wireless internet Wimax provider in Lithuania, and is selling 4G wireless internet services (mezon), more ...>>>

MATRIX UAB has signed official contract with ALWIL Software A.S., maker of well known AVAST! antivirus software.  More ... >>>.

MATRIX UAB has become official HP Prefer
red Partner starting from 2009 year. More ...>>>.

2007-03-24, Lithuania - Poland - United Kingdom
Matrix data recovery – a short history

Our highly skilled technical engineers are working in this field starting from 1999, and in 2002 year we have created joint laboratory based on Matrix service center, due to this in 2003-2004 Matrix data recovery became the first real Ontrack competitor in Lithuania, in 2005-2006 year we established contacts with Poland companies, especially with Poland company MiP Data Recovery, and we have signed agreement about mutual cooperation, and according to that agreement we have taken technical preparation of polish technical engineers, and the most difficult cases have been fulfilled by our specialists. In 2006-2007 there were the first results in mutual cooperation, and real leadership in Polish and Lithuanian data recovery markets. Further development of the company is international Data Rescue Group which have been joined by Baltic Sea region and U.K. companies. During that period our engineers have recovered valuable information from more than 2000 hard disks in Lithuania, Poland, and from Norway, U.S.A., U.K., Ireland, France, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine. On the present day we have the most technicians and the most state of the art lab in this region (Lithuania, Poland, Baltic States) and really have no competition here.

2007-02-23 Lithuania - Czech Republic
AVG maker, Grisoft , now renamed to AVG Inc., bought by Intel Capital, company awarded MATRIX, UAB Lithuanian based company for big achievements in distributing and supporting AVG award winning antivirus application AVG Gold Level Reseller status. The sertificate is below:

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