Notebook, laptop repair services, laptops upgrading and buy-in for parts

2008-07-29  We have received the new equipment for laptop mainboards pre-heating, chipset  resoldering/rework set, with necessary masks and holders. These are very common  type of notebook failures, clients very commonly bring laptops with this malfunction.  The equipment  allows semi automatically, using less hand work, to do for repair necessary operations. Notebook/laptop service from now is done significantly faster, and with much more quality. Some time ago, there were some cases, when chipsets were not correctly resoldered. Now using the new equipment chipsets are reworked very good. Basically, now Matrix UAB is doing service for all types electronic equipment: video cards, dekstop mainboards, sound cards, wireless networks devices, etc. 


In our own state of the art laboratory and service center, we repair, fix and upgrade all types of notebooks, laptops, which are not under warranty. We have a huge inventory of spare parts, and quite well trained technical engineers, so repair process takes usually only 1-2 days after reception of a failed or not working laptop.

For our clients straight in our own laptop service center we carry out the following services:

- fast diagnosis of a failure type of your laptop;
- fixing of failures in mainboards of laptops, main chipsets resoldering, changing into working spare parts;
- laptop failures fixing, repairing at circuits, element level;
- electrical parts of laptops repairing (electric power supply adapters, electrical part in mainboard of a laptop);
- broken, split, parted screens changing (before changing we need to know screen size in inches, and resolution, for example 15.4" and 1280x800 is typical, but some times the same size in inches of a screen has different resolution);
- inverters, shining lamps changing;
- genuine and not original parts, batteries selection and supply for all types of laptops (as a rule the battery cells are not worth to change, usually it is cheaper to buy non original battery, because without wear out of cells, there quite often w have problems with electronic controlling board in a battery, and this type of failure is much more difficult it fix);
- spare parts selection for a specific model of laptop;
- changing of laptop parts;
- we buy for parts any types of laptops, working or not, with broken screens, not starting or if repair price is too high, compared with market price of the same type of laptop. In this case we help to choose with discount a new model. 

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