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MATRIX UAB - Accton, SMC networks and Edge-Core dealer

Matrix UAB has became official dealer of Edge-core networking products, so we want to describe shortly this company and related companies.

Accton Technology Corporation was established in 1988, a global outsourcing partner for networking and communication solutions, such as Ethernet switches, broadband gateways, and wireless products. The worldwide staff in Accton is over 2000 persons; its OEM/ODM customers are all over the world. Accton provides completed high-tech solutions for networking, including ASIC-design to Chassis Switch and various integrated applied solutions. Accton Technology Corporation offers solutions via two brands – SMC and Edgecore to "Connect People" at work and at home.The solutions coverages included end to end, edge to core networks.

Accton, as a major contract manufacturer, will offer its products to a range of brand-name network equipment vendors, including its own subsidiary SMC Networks. These vendors in turn will target large companies and small to midsize businesses, touting the benefits of a networking products deployment and operations.
Accton designs and builds switching gear, WLAN access points, asymmetric DSL modems and other equipment for high-tech brand names. Accton doesn't release its customer names, but according to THT Research, a company that covers the contract manufacturing industry, those customers include Dell, Belkin, Nortel, Foundry Networks and many others. Accton didn't release pricing details, but says final WLAN mesh products sold by a brand-name vendor could be up to 50% more expensive than comparable, conventional, dual-radio access points. For more information, please visit: http://www.accton.com.

Edge-Core is an integrated service team, subordinated to Accton, and is dedicated on the sales of networking equipments & software of Accton and its strategic partners with "Edge-Core" product line, which makes services closer to users' needs and quicker response to market demands. Edge-Core provides a whole new platform, central in Accton's ASIC-design techniques, self-developed software platform and professional testing centers. EdgeCore aims to bring a new service point of view and furthermore to create a new era in the networking industry together with all our partners. Edge-Core networking components offer outstanding quality at a very competitive price level. For more information, please visit: http://www.edge-core.com

Edge-Core was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Accton, a leading provider of advanced networking technology in Taiwan. Edge-Core offers a complete range of highly reliable, scalable networking components of outstanding performance. The product range includes Metro Access Switches, Chassis and Layer 2/3/4 Managed Switches. Furthermore, Edge-Core is an expert for advanced networking technologies such as WiMAX and WiFi, VoIP, IP-BBX and Gateway-solutions such as highly reliable VPN-routers. Edge-Core focuses on complete solutions for any networking environment and offers tailored solutions for corporations and organizations of all sizes. Since its establishment in 2004, Edge-Core has grown continuously. Today, Edge-Core is one of the world's leading brands for networking components. Only in USA this year sales reached 1$ billion.

SMC Networks Founded in 1971, previously an independent company, it was taken over by the Accton group. Headquarters are in Irvine, California, United States. The main office for Europe, Middle East and Africa is in Spain, Barcelona city. From warehouse in Holland, this company supplies its products to more than 150 countries of this region . http://www.smc.com or http://www.smc-europe.com.

EDGE-CORE main products

Edge-Core Integrated Services and Channel Oriented Group was established by Accton Technology Corporation in 2004, with a focus on providing the best network solutions for SMB and Enterprise VARs. During CeBIT 2005, Edge-Core introduced Accton's new-generation of SMB/Enterprise hardware and software solutions. Edge-Core's preview solutions will focus on "Imaging across NETworks NOUVEAU." NOUVEAU means new and indicates Edge-Core's innovative channel philosophy for the 21st century. With a new recognition and creative style, Edge-Core will streamline global economic shifts with our channel partners to ensure mutual success during these dramatic business changes. To achieve this goal, Edge-Core provides efficient and flexible services, as well as high quality products with Accton's proven field deployment. Edge-Core realizes the business benefits of delivering consistent long-term commitments to its channel partners. Edge-Core's key commitment to its VAR base will be to provide them with emerging technology solutions at competitive prices. These solutions will be a focus at CeBIT and include "Core Networks," "Wired Networks," "Wireless Networks," "VoIP," and "FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home)." Each solution provides valuable tools for Networking VARs within the SMB/Enterprise market.

Core Networks

With Accton's established position as a world-class provider of Data Communications Hardware and Software and experience in R&D and technology manufacturing, Edge-Core provides high-end network products to meet the needs of SMB/Enterprise. During CeBIT 2005, Edge-Core will demonstrate its VPN Router, 10G Switch and Layer 3 mix-stacking switch in the core layer. The current increase in demand for security within the network, Edge-Core VPN router with advanced SPI firewall, can protect the network from Internet attacks. Edge-Core's 10G switch (ES5508) and L3 mix-stacking switch family (ES4625/ES4649) is an ideal solution for bandwidth intensive clusters and high performance computing environments. Equipped with up to 384 Giga ports and 8 10G uplink ports, Edge-Core's ES4625 and ES4649 switches provide a sufficient alternative to costly chassis switches. The network's efficiency can also be substantially improved by providing a single IP for network management while the routing function reduces broadcast burst. Edge-Core's outstanding products combine QoS and extensive management features to meet the new demands of SMB/Enterprise networks. These technologies will be demonstrated during CeBIT 2005 as well.

Wired Networks

The Edge-Core L2/L4 power switch family provides high-end functions such as QoS, ACL, mixed stacking and traffic control which can share the loading within the core of the network and provide security and priority throughout the network. With QoS service provided at the edge, the priority of data transmission for those who require higher audio/video quality, like designers and VoIP users is ensured. The Edge-Core L2 power switch series also supports 802.1x to secure the network and prevent unauthenticated access. In addition to the above features, Edge-Core's L2/L4 power Switch family supports the intermixing of a variety of media within multiple environments, such as standalone/mix-stacking, Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet, copper/fiber modules, and 24/48 ports. Edge-Core L2/L4 Power Switch family is the best choice for SMB clients for upgrading and expanding the network infrastructure.

Wireless Networks for Mobile Environments

Security within wireless networks is becoming a significant issue with the prevalence of mobile users and a growing demand for wireless services. To meet this demand, Edge-Core has applied multiple encryption functions into its wireless products, including 802.1x, WPA, and AES. At CeBIT 2005, Edge-Core will display its new wireless product, WA6202. This product can operate both as a dual band access point and as an outdoor wireless bridge. The WA6202 can transmit via peer-to-peer or for multi-peer applications. It is an excellent solution for minimizing the expense of wiring network construction. Possible applications would include access to remote villages, off-shore islands and gulf areas where a network infrastructure does not exist. Its dual band functionality also makes it an ideal solution for "hot-spot" services. By using an optional external antenna, the WA6202 can transmit up to 34.5 kilometers.

VoIP Solutions

To meet the growing demand of VoIP applications, Edge-Core will introduce a complete solution of VoIP products for SME networks. These products include a SIP gateway, Trunking Gateway, Parking Server, Extension Sever, Conference Server, Fax Module, and SIP Phone. This complete solution will help enterprises save a great amount of money in long-distance calls. Additionally, like traditional telephone services, users can easily transfer calls, call-following, access-restriction, and even four-way calling. Edge-Core's VoIP products are compatible with SIP RFC 3261 standards. Products also provide an independent proxy server for registration in each region in order to avoid a complete system shut down that would occur if a single server crashed. Edge-Core VoIP products not only support SIP Server, but also can be connected with the traditional telephone exchanges. During CeBIT 2005, Edge-Core will demonstrate its VoIP family of products and invite users to experience the quality of communication.

FTTH Networks

Due to the popularity of broadband applications and digital services, the demand of "Triple Play" (data, video, voice) is increasing greatly. FTTH is becoming one of the fastest growing broadband access technologies. At CeBIT 2005, Edge-Core will demonstrate its ES3526S 100BASE-FX Fiber Switch and EC3002 Media Converter. Compared with PON (Passive Optical Network), WDM technology (wavelength Division Multiplexing) is integrated into the ES3526S and a single fiber transports both downstream and upstream signals simultaneously. Edge-Core's FTTH products are ideal for community networks, and provide users with audio, video, and data access at a higher speed and better quality, but at a much more reasonable price. The ES3526S complies with TTC TS-1000 standards. Its loop back testing functionality secures optical fiber linkage while easing maintenance of the network up to 15 kilometers.

For prices ask sales@matrix.lt.

Revised: July 27, 2007, Copyright MATRIX, UAB