ARTronic industrial grade UPS


- Selfprotec voltage stabilizers/regulators, UPS systems ;

Matrix UAB as an authorized distributor  for ARTronic is introducing  into Lithuanian market ARTronic upses.

artronic-ups-series-homelight_QCIUR.gif  Artronic homelight class series UPS
Artronic Optimum Series 1~3kVA
Artronic Optimum Series 6-10 kVA, Optimum Price, Maximum Performance, Good Looking
artronic-ups-series-Titanium-1-3kVA_YFTLR.gif artronic-ups-series-Titanium-6-20kVA_EZUZH.gif
Artronic Titanium Series 1-3 kVA, Titanium Series 6-10 kVA, Titanium 3.1 Series 10~20 kVA
artronic-ups-series-ART-Millenium-RM_TXJWR.gif artronic-ups-series-ART-Titanium-RM_LVQCL.gif
Artronic Millenium Rack Mount Series, Titanium Rack Mount Series
artronic-ups-series-ARTon-Pro-10-300_VVUBZ.gif  Artronic ARTon Pro 10~300 kVA  
artronic-ups-series-AEG-Protect-3_33_VYOVA.gif  artronic-ups-series-ARTon-Plus-10-160_PSIVE.gif
AEG Protect 3.33 10~120 kVA; ARTon Plus Series 10~160kVA, IGBT Based  Rectifier, High Input Power Factor UPS
artronic-ups-series-AEG-Protect-3_M_CXTIO.gif artronic-ups-series-AEG-Protect-4_33_HDVDE.gif AEG Protect 3.M 15~120 kVA, AEG Protect 4.33 0,16~1MVA

Technology Fast 50 Turkey 2008 news
We would like to share a pleasing news with you about our company. We are proud to let you know that ARTronic has been named one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Turkey presented by Deloitte in its Technology Fast50 Program. In attached you can find the winner and CEO survey report. You can reach to more information about this news through http://www.deloitte.com.tr/fast50 site as well  Deloitte Technology Fast50 Turkey winners are ranked based on percentage of revenue growth over five years (2003–2007) .  ARTronic’s growth which was 279% in this period has placed it on the 2008 Deloitte Technology Fast50 Turkey ranking.
Making the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Turkey list is quite an accomplishment for ARTronic.  We attribute this strong growth to many factors, including
    * An increased ability to distribute products effectively both in domestic and foreign market
    * Ability to give service to the products we sell in all 39 countries where we sell our goods
    * A greater demand for our product based on quality, service and competitive price
    * Strong leadership for organization of company activities and investment for developing technology
    * The commitment of our employees and community for a better product and service
    * High attention to save environment during all activities
With the proud of taking such important success we will proceed our way with a stronger enthusiasm.
Cenk Akyurek, Foreign Trade Customer Representative
ARTronic ELECTRONIC LTD. CO.  (The whole story read here: Artronic-Technology Fast 50 Turkey 2008.pdf  )

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