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MATRIX UAB as official  LOHUIS Networks  reseller, presents information on these products.  There are so many wireless networks vendors, so what is LOHUIS Networks advantage compared with competitors, like Engenius (SENAO), Mikrotik, Ubiquiti etc? 

Lohuis Networks founded in 2008, first we were specialized in outdoor wireless solutions, and then we started extending our products range to cover indoor wireless targeting consumer product market, VOIP and some other networking products. Lohuis has two main branches, one in the Netherlands handles Europe and the Americas, and the other in Dubai handles the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Below see attached a comparison sheet with some famous products and some headlines for  LOHUIS Networks models.  P2P wireless backhaul networks products comparison: 

lohuisnetworks-wifi-wireless-signal-noloose.gif (here is how Lohuis networks products operation)

lohuisnetworks-wifi-wireless-other-competitors-signal-loose.gif (here is how other competitors products working)

LOHUIS Networks  field is little deferent from those companies , because they focus on cheap CPEs solutions , and Lohu focus on features and specifications. 

         -  LOHUIS Networks have CPEs With High Gain Antennas , and can be used for Lite Backhauling ( 5160L , 2327L , 5158L )
         -  LOHUIS Networks have professional Pure P2P Solutions ( 5160P , 5158P Extreme , 4961PX).
         -  LOHUIS Networks have Full Duplex backhauling solution up to 75Mbps Actual Throughput ( Dual 5160P , Dual 4961PX).

LOHUIS Networks pricing includes the Mounting kits and the POE Injectors.

LOHUIS Networks companies main branch was in the Netherlands , and because of main market is ME and Africa , Dubai Branch became the main
branch , and the Netherlands office became only R&D.  

And because almost all  LOHUIS Networks outdoor products are high power , for the European market we recommend VOIP Products :
1 – LHVP12 Wireless IP-PBX , Datasheet : http://www.lohuisnetworks.com/datasheets/LHVP12.pdf
2 – LHVF133 (LHVF11) WiFi Phone  , Datasheet :
3 – LHVF105 (LHVF10) Avaya Certified POE IP Phone , Datasheet :

Preliminary Lohu pricelist is here ...  >>> .

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