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Choose QuarkXPress, the industry-leading design and layout software that lets you combine precision typography with color and pictures to produce high-impact design. The new features in QuarkXPress 7 include transparency, drop shadows, Composition Zones, Job Jackets, an improved user interface, and enhanced color management and PDF creation. This powerful upgrade expands your creative options and provides new tools for productivity, collaboration, and consistent and reliable output. Used by more than three million people worldwide, QuarkXPress is the tool of choice for magazines, newspapers, catalogs, advertising and design agencies, printers, and any business that publishes dynamic content.

A new way to work
Industry experts are calling QuarkXPress 7 one of Quark's most significant upgrades ever. With more than 160 new features and enhancements, QuarkXPress 7 cements Quark's tradition of innovation by enabling a new way of working that focuses on the layout, design, and production environments as a whole rather than as separate processes.

With new features ranging from transparency and Composition Zones to enhanced PDF creation and print output, QuarkXPress 7 combines design freedom, unparalleled collaboration, and support for multi-channel communication in a single software tool.

Key features included: 

* Precision transparency control for frames, backgrounds, and single characters
* Improved, easy-to-access measurement palette
* Precision transparency control for frames, backgrounds, and single characters
* Improved, easy-to-access measurement palette
* Synchronized text and picture Editing -- change once, deploy to all linked documents
* Advanced color management using the Gretag Macbeth color engine
* Quark Job Jackets technology creates output specs for an entire project
* Compositions Zones for live collaboration on QuarkXPress projects
* Enhanced tables features: Split tables, control transparency, and more
* OpenType and Unicode - high-end typography using ligatures and extended character sets
* New output formats: PDF/X and JDF
* Transparency, color opacity and synchronized angle tools
* Alpha Channel masks in TIFF and PSD formats
* Drop shadow tools
* Support for raster EPS
* Non-destructive mask manipulation & PSD Import enhancements
* Integrates with Shared Content feature
* Revolutionary layout feature lets you design once and use anywhere with live updates
* Easy soft proofing
* Retain picture attributes when replacing pictures
* Synchronize attributes and content of any item, image, or text
* Advanced OpenType features, Font fallback, Glyph palette tools
* Palette groups and sets
* Automatically select all even rows, even columns, odd rows, or odd columns
* Improved text smoothing
* Splitting tables and running tables
* Smart palette snapping
* Improved space/align
* Improved tabbing
* Measurement palette enhancements
* Advanced color management
* Backward compatibility
* Source and output setups

Top new features of QuarkXPress

Smart transparency: Use the precise controls in QuarkXPress® 7 to set the transparency of a frame, background, or a single character at the color level with complete creative freedom — and without employing time-consuming item-based workarounds or depending on third-party applications or XTensions® software.

Quark Job Jackets technology: QuarkXPress 7 combines great design with nearly error-free production through Job Jackets™. Designs are no longer in danger of being trapped on screen or altered at the last minute due to production requirements. Based on the JDF standard, Job Jackets help ensure that a print job adheres to specifications from the beginning of the creative process to output.

Job Jackets help enforce job specifications by linking projects to synchronized, dynamically updateable design specifications that include everything from style sheets and colors to page size and count.

Quark® Job Jackets go beyond preflighting. With this technology, you can check a file for consistency and create new files that automatically comply with a user's needs. Job Jackets can be updated on the fly with changes made by art directors, color management specialists, and output professionals for a reliable, automated workflow.

Composition Zones technology: QuarkXPress 7 brings unprecedented live collaboration to the desktop. With Composition Zones™, more than one person can work on a single layout at the same time. You can define a portion of a page, a whole page, or even an entire layout as a Composition Zones piece, and then export that piece as a separate project file. Other users can then work on their zone as if it were a regular QuarkXPress layout. The original layout is automatically updated when the file is saved. This live peer-to-peer collaboration lets large or small groups work the way they want — over a network, through e-mail messages, or instant messaging.

Enhanced Measurements palette: QuarkXPress 7 has the most streamlined interface of any layout tool on the market. The Measurements palette has been enhanced to include almost all the core design functionality in an easy-to-access palette. You can also group other palettes and save preferred palette configurations.

Image-handling enhancements: QuarkXPress 7 provides more control over images than any other application and easily integrates with industry-standard industry file formats such as native Adobe® Photoshop® (.psd) images.

Quark Vista™ XTensions software, included with QuarkXPress, adds industrial strength image-editing effects to QuarkXPress. You can create special effects and correct images with adjustments to brightness/contrast, color balance, and hue/saturation. This feature manages color automatically, and you can use it to soften image masks for perfect compositing of images and background layouts. QuarkVista enhancements continue to expand your capability to edit images within the context of a QuarkXPress layout rather than in another application.

Use alpha masks to create eye-catching, graphically sophisticated effects without leaving QuarkXPress. That means less time spent switching back and forth between QuarkXPress and an image-editing application.

OpenType and Unicode: With support for OpenType and Unicode®, QuarkXPress 7 users can apply advanced ligatures, alternate characters, and extended character sets easily and reliably for international documents and high-end typographic effects.

PDF/X, JDF, and PPML: New output formats: Gain the accuracy of a start-to-finish PDF/X workflow for the promise of a problem-free, print deliverable hand off. Rules can be built to check for PDF/X workflow from the beginning of the design process. QuarkXPress 7 guides users on compliance by supporting PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 with full reporting based on industry-standard certification libraries. QuarkXPress 7 also supports standardized personalization and one-to-one marketing through PPML. You can merge multiple XML records into richly formatted output with customizable settings for multiple PPML-ready print devices. With built-in, dynamic support for JDF, QuarkXPress 7 goes beyond merely attaching a generic JDF ticket to a finished PDF; QuarkXPress 7 can actually create jobs from JDF-based Job Tickets so that they are ready for print from the start of the creative process.

QuarkXPress supports all of these formats and is designed to support new industry standards as they emerge.

Shared content: Synchronize text and pictures so that if changes are made in one place, the changes are reflected everywhere. Edit an image, correct a typo, change a font, or reshape a box in one layout and immediately changes ripple throughout the whole project. With Composition Zones, you can create design elements for use across multiple files or workstations, and automatic updates guarantee consistency. And with Job Jackets, you can create a single project definition, including colors, style sheets, and layout specifications, for use within a workgroup and across projects.

Color management: QuarkXPress 7 color management has been redefined. There are more advanced options than ever before, but Color Setups and Quark Job Jackets allow settings to be easily shared and automatically updated and maintained among all users.

QuarkXPress 7 has more PANTONE™ spot color libraries than any comparable software and can even control spot colors in Adobe Photoshop files. QuarkXPress 7 has smart transparency and color space options to allow spot colors to be accurately printed despite complex print and PDF workflows. Always-on color management, PostScript Level 3 in-RIP color management support, and an integrated GretagMacbeth™ color engine with support for black point compensation are just some of the features that move QuarkXPress color management support to the head of the pack.

Tables enhancements: In QuarkXPress 7, table features have been enhanced to support splitting tables, running headers and footers, and transparency controls that extend to individual cells and borders. With the QuarkXPress 7 tables features, you can easily combine text and graphics and benefit from tight integration with Microsoft Excel for both design- and content-driven grids


Direct PDF export
Because PDF creation technology has been incorporated into QuarkXPress 7, you can output PDF files directly from QuarkXPress without buying third-party software.

Layout spaces with synchronized text
Layout spaces simplify the management of complex projects by providing the ability to share specifications such as style sheets, colors, hyphenation settings, and lists among layouts. You can also include multiple content types and layouts with varying page sizes in a single file. Synchronizing content allows you to share text between layouts.

Full-resolution preview
Full-resolution preview displays images at the file’s full resolution so that you can scale or magnify images with minimal pixelation and position page elements more precisely. You must register your copy of QuarkXPress before you can access this feature.

Improved, interactive tools for Web page design
Create a more compelling Web experience through better design with new and enhanced tools, including two-position rollovers, cascading menus, font family specification for cascading style sheets, form controls improvements, and more.

Print capabilities broadened and enhanced
Improvements to output features, including As Is Color Space and DeviceN, underscores Quark’s continued commitment to supporting open standards in the workflow and delivering the highest quality output.

Intuitive and adaptable interface
The intuitive QuarkXPress interface is largely based on palettes that let you choose from a variety of tools, styles, colors, measurements, and so on to quickly construct a document. Using the comprehensive editing features of QuarkXPress, you can import and manipulate pictures and text. With the powerful printing features of QuarkXPress, you can output your document to precise specifications.

It’s easy to adapt the interface to suit your work habits. For instance, you can hide palettes that you rarely use and display frequently used palettes at all times. Because palettes are movable, you can arrange them exactly how you want them. In addition to menus, you can swiftly access features using context menus, and numerous keyboard commands let you perform routine tasks quickly. The flexibility of the QuarkXPress interface lets you design a workspace that really works for you.

Picture manipulation and color management
QuarkXPress allows you to smoothly integrate pictures with text. Picture file formats created by image-editing or graphics applications can be imported into QuarkXPress documents. Imported pictures can be scaled, skewed, rotated, and clipped. They can be modified using color and shade controls, clipping path settings, and runaround specifications. The picture manipulation abilities of QuarkXPress give you great creative control and versatility. QuarkXPress also provides ICC-based color management on both Mac OS and Windows platforms. Apple ColorSync and Kodak Digital Science technology are both supported.

Flexible options for importing and editing text
You can write, edit, and check spelling in QuarkXPress. You can also use filters to import text files into QuarkXPress documents to save time and money. Filters for most popular word-processing applications are provided with the QuarkXPress application. The text options in QuarkXPress provide greater flexibility.

Precise and professional typography
The extensive typographic controls in QuarkXPress allow you to manipulate text to meet precise specifications. You can kern and track text in .001 increments in any supported measurement system, use paragraph and character style sheets to quickly and consistently format text, scale text, create custom hyphenation and justification specifications, and more.

Multiple document layout and text flow options
QuarkXPress offers several ways to arrange your document pages. You can create multiple-page spreads, specify facing pages, and use master pages to make global changes to the document. Palettes and menu options make it simple to add, delete, or rearrange pages.

You can control text flow by creating text boxes that automatically flow the text to the next page; you can also manually specify text flow from one text box to the next, no matter how far apart the text boxes are.

Improved long-document publishing features include indexing and default character style sheets for cross-references. You can also specify character style sheets when defining a list, making the List feature more versatile and powerful.

Share attributes among complex projects
Layout spaces redefine the work area. The QuarkXPress “document” is now a “project,” which is a collection of layouts that might include print pages, Web pages, or different versions of either, in varying sizes and orientations. Because several layouts can reside in the same project, you can easily share specifications such as style sheets, colors, hyphenation settings, and lists among them. You can even share content between layouts with the Synchronize text feature. Edit text in one place and corresponding text elsewhere in the project will be changed simultaneously.

Creative document design
QuarkXPress provide functionality that makes it simple to create documents with a visual edge. You can easily organize data, including text and pictures, using tables. Layers extend your design power by letting you isolate and arrange items. You can also use Bézier tools and the Merge menu to create picture boxes, text boxes, text paths, and lines in nearly any shape.

Professional printing capabilities
Whether you output to paper or film, the printing capabilities of QuarkXPress will give you the professional results you need. The comprehensive printing controls allow you to output almost any type of document. For instance, you can output separations, create bleeds, tile oversized documents, and print a non-continuous range of pages. You can also create reusable print styles to store frequently used settings.

QuarkXPress lets you print blank plates when printing separations and provides a comprehensive Preview tab in the Print dialog box. Recent enhancements to non-PostScript printing include the ability to print thumbnails, print rotated TIFF pictures at full resolution, and send composite RGB output to a non-PostScript printer. You can also use the Page Positioning, Fit in Print Area, Frequency settings, and print styles with a non-PostScript printer.

As Is Color Space allows the print device to handle color conversion rather than QuarkXPress. The DeviceN functionality lets you output blends, multi-inks, colorized TIFFs, and other items as composite color while retaining spot color information suitable for in-RIP separations. Because PDF creation technology has been incorporated into QuarkXPress, you can output PDF files directly from QuarkXPress without buying third-party software.

Tools for media-independent publishing
QuarkXPress allows you to create Web documents that contain rollovers, hyperlinks, and forms to meet a variety of requirements. Web documents created with QuarkXPress can be exported as HTML documents that can be posted directly on a Web site. These documents can also be opened and edited in standard, non-proprietary tools such as Dreamweaver. Web documents can be used by anyone in your Web workflow, even if they are using a different HTML editing tool.

QuarkXPress gives you a convenient and intuitive way to create and store media-independent content. You can automate the process of extracting content from QuarkXPress documents; extracted content can then be stored in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. XML content can then be used with HTML templates to create dynamic Web pages. You can also automatically place XML content in a QuarkXPress document for print, HTML, or PDF output.


* Windows XP
* Minimum 128MB total RAM
* 250MB available hard disk space for installation
* TCP/IP network for site license (using Quark License Administrator)
* CD-ROM Drive for installlation

Mfr. Part # 122102

If you want to buy  please write to  sales@matrix.lt.

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