Tranzeo Networks wireless products


Matrix UAB as authorized reseller  for Tranzeo Networks would like to introduce a very unique product :

Tranzeo TR-5Plus-24m


Product Code : TR-5Plus-24m
Manufacturer : Tranzeo Networks , USA
Integrated Antenna : 24dbi
Frequency : 5.170 Ghz  ~ 5.805 Ghz (802.11 b/g)
Output Power : 200mw.
Application : Access Point / Point – to – Point / Client Premises Equipment
Distance  : 25 ~ 45 Kms. (Condition dependent)

Unique Features:
·         23dbm 200mw CPE with Tx / Rx Controllable option to avoid noise and meet regulatory authority. Can achieve 45 kms. On LoS. Or partial Frenzel Zone.
·         More robust routing features, Includes support for tunelling Protocols such as VPN, PPTP , RSA , etc.
·         Only 7W power required to run the device so it’s perfect for remote installations to work with Solar Power also.
·         LED Signal Strength indicator’s on back of device for easy installation on towers. (Positioning of Antenna)
·         Rugged case to bare temperatures from 85 degree celcius to -45 degree celcius.

Tranzeo  ER-1000HG


Product Code : ER-1000HG
Manufacturer : Tranzeo Networks , USA
External Connector : N-Type
Frequency : 2.412 Ghz  ~ 2.462 Ghz (802.11 b/g)
Output Power : 400mw.
Application : Super Access Point (with Routing NAT,Bridge feature)
Processor Speed : 533 Mhz
Memory : 64MB RAM

Unique Features:
·         Muliple ESSID’s (upto 4) to have four AP’s running at one time with bandiwdth allocation to individual SSID. (with Hide SSID feature)
·         400mw Highpower unit with Output power (Transmisison Power) control. Tranzeo CLI (SSH)
·         Router Mode (NAT), Bridge Model , DCHP , VLAN , QoS Support
·         Rugged case to bare temperatures from 85 degree celcius to -45 degree celcius.

Online shop is http://www.deze.lt, for projects, or bigger quantities ask by email   sales@matrix.lt.

Revised: July 14, 2008