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Matrix data recovery – a short history

Our highly skilled technical engineers are working in this field starting from 1999, and in 2002 year we have created joint laboratory based on Matrix service center, due to this in 2003-2004 Matrix data recovery became the first real Ontrack competitor in Lithuania, in 2005-2006 year we established contacts with Poland companies, and we have signed agreement about mutual cooperation, and according to that agreement we have taken technical preparation of polish technical engineers, and the most difficult cases have been fulfilled by our specialists. In 2006-2007 there were the first results in mutual cooperation, and real leadership in Polish and Lithuanian data recovery markets. People, really working in our company, helped Polish company to fulfill the most difficult jobs. Further development of the company is international Data Rescue Group, which have been joined by Baltic Sea region and U.K. companies. During that period our engineers have recovered valuable information from more than 2000 hard disks in Lithuania, Poland, and from Norway, U.S.A., U.K., Ireland, France, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine. On the present day we have the most technicians and the most state of the art lab in this region (Lithuania, Poland, Baltic States) and really have no competition here. 

MATRIX, Ltd. (UAB - private company) in Vilnius, Lithuania is one of the leaders in the region for data and information recovery in Lithuania and the Baltic States. We have our own unique laboratory and equipment, qualified, experienced engineers for hard disk repairing and lost data extraction services. All works are done by our engineers indoors in our lab, and this allow us to to repairing much faster than other companies, which send hard disks to foreign labs. We do not agents or brokers for other labs - all work we do by our own means. Many clients in Lithuania have got back their valuable data with help of our lab.

According to our repair and usage statistics, recovery percentage for FUJITSU hdd is almost 100%, for other brands like Western Digital(WD), MAXTOR, Seagate, Hitachi (ex IBM), Samsung, Toshiba hard disks is ~ 95%. Our apporach is full hdd recovery - the whole disk, not separate files. We recover information from badly damaged disks, where information was vulnerable for long time, when bad sectors were growing and data was silently damaging from other disk errors, and finally a disk is nor responding. From 2004.10 serveral foreign customers have used our services (from Scandinavian countries, like Norway, and other). We welcome clients from Scandinavia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and other neighbouring countries, because we know the possibilities of these countries. We recover lost information from all disks: desktop, SCSI, mobile (for laptops, notebooks), all types of flash memory.

Short information for the clients: average price for repairing the hard disk or data is 250-500 EUR, without delivery and sending costs. It of course depends on every case and time consumption. We can pick up the disks form all Europe countries (by our carrier) . If we solder and use our "donor" hard disks, or our chips for recovery, the client's disk remains to us for temporarily time in safe place (because we use our own chips for repairing, and really make new working disk). After one month period the clients data (information) are deleted, is client says thats eveytihing is ok. If some problems, or some files are missing, our engineers recover further from existing copy or hard disk, until maximum information (data) is returned to a client.

The data is returned to client in convenient media (other disk, cd-r, dvd-r, or other) . If you have silimilar or identical hard disk for which is broken, please also send to us - this fastens up recovery process.

We ensure the security of clients data (we keep all hard disks in special safes, which are resistable to heat, and has according security class). After 1 month of data reconstruction process and data returned to the client, we carry out not recoverable destruction of data, after the client confirmation, that he has received all the needed data. By that way we ensure that client has all the data, and no clients information is spreaded away.

Simple examples of what we can in our lab:

1. If you format hdd by usual means, for recovering bad sectors, it may take 2-3 days for full format. Equipment we have does that is 1-2 hours.
2. When mounting lost partitions, Ontrack software doesn't see some partitions at all. By our equipment it is mounted correctly and fully seable.
3. With some disks after formatting, other software recovers a few files only. Our equipment recovers almost all files.
4. Some broken or damaged disks show incorrectly their size, different on variuos mainboards, and depending on IDE controller. The result is that client cannot read his data. We solve this problem. Our equipment shows size correctly and shows where is an error.
5. We recover data after formatting, one or more times (depends on case).
6. We resolder broken chips and change electronics parts, if there is a need for data recovery.
7. We can change broken heads or malfunctioning heads (for IDE, or SCSI disks). Usually these steps are needed for one time reading of information and data.
8. We worked out our own technology to recover data from new WD disks, which ROM and electronic board is bound to specific hard disk drive (hdd).
9. We change not only heads, but plates as well (for Toshiba laptop hdd). We have our own technology for Toshiba laptop hdd.
10. We have special programmers for all flash roms for hdds.

For information regarding hdd data recovery please mail to: service@matrix.lt or call +370-698-39001 round the clock, 24x7 recovery services, or skype mistermtx.

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